Welcome to The Neighborhood

Welcome to Dixie’s Neighborhood.  This site is a mixture of links to ALL my various sites, blogs, youtube video’s, books and other things I get into.. at one time I intended this to be a place where my friends and their friends could gather and discuss the day’s events or just catch up on other worldly things.  However, it ended up being used by SPAM ARTISTS which totally ruined it, so until I get a little smarter as to how to keep it safe, I will just use it as a gateway to all things DIXIE 45..

Look around, you may find something that catches your fancy.  Go ahead an laugh of some of my silliness or scorn at some of my NOT so political correctness, but one thing for sure.. This IS what I am all about… the good… the bad… and the ugly…. LOL


If you really want to see how totally off the wall I can think at times, you should consider getting my book. You can get it in Paperback or for the EReaders, Kindle, etc.

You might just find some answers you were looking for….

Spiritual, religious, answers,
Spiritual, religious, answers,



The answers  as to WHY are we here ?

Why do bad things happen to good people ?

Who is GOD ?

Do Aliens exist ?


Someone else explains their concept of GOD and life…




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